5 Tactics for Securing Winter Bookings

5 Tactics for Securing Winter Bookings

As part of our partnership with The Tourism Business, we have put together 5 Tactics for Securing Winter Bookings - a short, but comprehensive, guide on how to guarantee guests throughout the colder seasons.

As the summer comes to an end, for many UK hotels the last few months have provided a much-needed boost following a devastating period, but now we face a familiar challenge - securing bookings during the winter.

Digital Visitor are experts in bolstering off-peak seasons and redistributing visitor flow throughout the year. Each of the tactics explored in our guide work on their own to deliver results, but the greatest impact will be realised when explored in-depth and in tandem with each other, proven by the success of our hotel clients in the past. Depending on your budgets and size, these tactics are easily scalable and executable across the hotel sphere, from the smallest boutique hotel, to the largest regional chains.

As restrictions have lifted, traditionally off-peak times can become a prime opportunity if they are communicated and marketed correctly.

We have put together this guide to outline how your business can:

  • Package your winter offering
  • Start thinking like a destination
  • Retarget your offering to local guests
  • Make the most of email marketing
  • Encourage brand loyalty

Download a copy of our insights on securing winter bookings by filling in the form below, and for any further questions or advice, get in touch.

Anna Alford is the Marketing & Content Assistant at Digital Visitor, excited to be kicking off her career in digital marketing. Recently having graduated with a degree in neuroscience, she joins her scientific background with her zeal for writing and proclivity for creativity throughout her work.