Hotel Marketing Tips & Tricks

Hotel Marketing Tips & Tricks

As part of our partnership with The Tourism Business, here at Digital Visitor, we have put together Hotel Marketing Tips & Tricks – a short overview guide of what hoteliers and accommodation providers should be paying attention to with their hotel marketing.  

May 2021: Relaunching your hotel with confidence

As the UK begins to properly open up, according to BVA-BDRC, nearly half of British adults now feel comfortable booking a domestic holiday this year, meaning that the recovery we have all been waiting for is hopefully on the horizon.  

In fact, in the same research, it was found that for the first time since December, travellers feel as comfortable staying in a hotel as they do in private home services such as Airbnb – this is a prime opportunity for hoteliers to tap into domestic demand and capitalise on this pent up travel desire, although competition will be fierce. 

It’s important to remain agile as you begin to reopen. Your audience may look a little different, and the same strategies you were relying on pre-pandemic may no longer be as effective as they once were. As with all marketing, test and learn your methods to ensure the success you need. 

This guide covers:

  • The consumer behaviour trends you should be paying attention to
  • The two digital channels to consider when relaunching
  • Google Hotel Ads new ‘free’ advertising
  • The Google Page Experience update (and what you need to do)

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