How to market to the anxious traveller

COVID Recovery August 23, 2021
How to market to the anxious traveller

At Digital Visitor, we have put together How to market to the anxious traveller - a short guide on what tourism businesses should consider when adapting their marketing strategy to suit an anxious, post-covid audience.

Understandably, living through a global health crisis has made consumers all over the world cautious about venturing further afield than their front door, delivering a devastating blow to the travel and tourism industry. This means companies everywhere must now adapt to serve a new market of anxious tourists.

It is wise for businesses to accept that, because your audience may look a little different, the same strategies you were relying on pre-pandemic may no longer be as effective as they once were.

Being aware of the shift in covid-centric travel trends can transform this period of insecurity into great opportunities for the tourism sector. Open-mindedness to organisational change can turn challenges in times of crisis into proactive strategies and actions to shape more resilient businesses.

At Digital Visitor, we can help you recognise and grab hold of these unmissable opportunities. We have put together this guide to outline:

  • How travel trends and consumer behaviours have shifted following the pandemic
  • Which of these changes you should be paying attention to
  • How you can implement this knowledge into your post-covid strategy

Because it is likely the landscape of the sector has been altered indefinitely, this should be a critical transitional period for all tourism brands. Realising this can make sure businesses can stay ahead of the game and continue producing revenue in uncertain times.

Download a copy of our insights on marketing to the anxious consumer by filling in the form below, and for any further questions or advice, get in touch.

Anna Alford is the Marketing & Content Assistant at Digital Visitor, excited to be kicking off her career in digital marketing. Recently having graduated with a degree in neuroscience, she joins her scientific background with her zeal for writing and proclivity for creativity throughout her work.